Natural and ecological cosmetics - do you know how to look for it?

Cosmética natural y ecológica - ¿sabes buscarla?

When delving into the secrets of skin care, it is convenient to know what natural cosmetics are, which are gaining more and more followers. Natural cosmetics are derived from ingredients of plant or mineral origin, which means that there are no animal or synthetic ingredients in their composition. These products are based on mineral or vegetable oils, herbs, plants, essential oils. They are not tested on animals, however, ingredients such as honey or bee pollen are allowed in their composition, since they have been obtained without the suffering of animals.
Today, the range of natural cosmetics is so wide that there is something for every taste. More and more manufacturers are choosing to introduce natural lines for different skin types.

The biggest benefit of natural cosmetics is that they do not interfere with the physiological processes of the skin. Its objective is to provide gentle care, without altering the skin's epidermal barrier. Natural facial care cosmetics should be used regularly as their beneficial effects on the skin can be observed. Many of the ingredients used in these products come from organic and certified crops. These places are regularly inspected and their quality is also checked. The advantage of natural cosmetics is that they do not use synthetic dyes or fragrances, which are responsible for many skin irritations.

How do I know if the cream I want to buy is really natural and organic?

Cosmetic certification confirms compliance with cosmetic standards, established individually by the certifying body. Certification standards are public, so manufacturers can prepare for them. By obtaining a certificate, consumers can be sure that they are purchasing a product that is natural. The most important certifications are: Ecocert, Cosmebio, Na True, Cosmos, BDIH, Soil Association.

It must be remembered that organic products, such as natural cosmetics for the bath and body, contain substances of plant or mineral origin in their composition. According to regulations, this type of product must contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and be free of parabens and harmful substances. The packaging also plays an important role. It must be recyclable so as not to pollute the environment. A requirement of natural cosmetics is that they are not tested on animals.

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