Phytotherapy is a science that studies the healthy properties of plant products. We have an important list of medicinal plants, therapeutic plants or essential oils.

Herbal treatment was commonplace long before mankind developed modern pharmacology. Prepared herbal mixtures are used in virtually every home, in the form of various types of teas and infusions. But, what is natural medicine and phytotherapy? What ailments can we get rid of using the benefits of phytotherapy?
The dictionary definition indicates that phytotherapy is simply the treatment with herbs. It involves the use of medicinal herbs, both in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The preparations used in natural medicine (herbal medicine and phytotherapy) can take many forms. The most common are those made from herbs and medicinal plants: aromatic oils, herbal supplements, extracts or syrups.
The phytotherapy method is based on the use of the benefits of medicinal plants, which we know thanks to the development of this science and the use of modern technology.
The ailments that we can treat with phytotherapy would be: flatulence, insomnia, back pain, nausea, diarrhea and constipation can also be treated with the help of properly selected herbal extracts. We can also strengthen the immune system, improve our mood, increase energy, cure various skin diseases, allergies. Interestingly, phytotherapy is also an effective method to treat more complex health problems. Check out Tribu Naturals to see what products you can find for you and your family.

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