About us

We live in a world of constant movement, stress and tension, often forgetting how important rest and balance are for our health.
Living in harmony with nature and with ourselves is fundamental to our health.

This is where my story begins. Insomnia, Hashimoto's disease, depressive states, neurosis, lack of energy and desire to do things,
this is just a short list of symptoms that accompanied me for years. And I didn't realise what was wrong with me.
And I had no idea about the origin of these problems. One day I started looking for information and reading. I spent months identifying the problems.
Finally, I decided to change my lifestyle. I started with supplementation and physical activity.
Then a change of diet and meditation. Until one night I didn't wake up once.
Until my test results were like those of a healthy person, until I started to wake up full of energy.

The work is still going on and will continue throughout my life. It's my way of staying healthy.
And here I share with you the products and tips that accompany me every day.
My name is Ewa and I invite you to join my tribe. If you want to receive information about health and wellness, subscribe to the newsletter.
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I wish you good health.

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