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Alimentación saludable, familia, niños, comida sana

What resolutions can you do to lead a healthy lifestyle?
Healthy food, physical activity, quality sleep, meditation, learning something new or taking care of loved ones.

Today we will focus on our children.
How do our children eat?
How much time do they spend outdoors?
Unfortunately, the lifestyle of our children is becoming less quality.
Supermarkets are full of products with added sugars, additives and preservatives. This type of food is not the best for anyone.
We have very few opportunities to buy healthy food unless we specifically look for it.
Today, more than 13% of Spaniards suffer from type 2 diabetes.
''It's a social disease. We live in an obesogenic world that is a breeding ground for the development of this type of pathology'' - says Cristóbal Morales, Virgen Macarena University Hospital of Seville

The origin of this disease is mainly unhealthy, processed food with high amounts of sugar. Our children consume foods that have virtually no nutrients every day and cause many diseases, such as obesity, type B diabetes, autoimmune diseases and many others.
Here we will deal with the issue of feeding our children, so that it is easier for us to take care of them and teach them a healthy lifestyle.

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