Spring How does the functioning of the organism change according to the seasons?

Primavera ¿Cómo cambia el funcionamiento del organismo según las estaciones?

How does the change of seasons influence our health?

In each season of the year, our body works differently: immunity increases or decreases, hormone levels change, mental state changes, certain ailments intensify. In spring, for example, the highest number of suicides is recorded, in summer we suffer more from headaches, immunity decreases in autumn and mood drops in winter.

Being aware of what changes in our bodies seasonally allows us to be more in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and feel better as a result.

What can bother us in spring that is coming?

fatigue and tiredness

There is spring fatigue syndrome and it is made up of several different symptoms. It can be apathy, headaches, concentration problems, irritability or even broken bones and a decrease in natural defenses.

We feel very exhausted and in various situations we need to help ourselves with nutrition. Food supplements can help us a lot in that period because we may lack vitamins or minerals, after winter.

It should be remembered that the greatest health problems at this time of year will be suffered by people sensitive to weather changes, the elderly and cardiovascular patients. The number of people suffering from depression is also increasing, even in many countries there is an increase in suicides. Allergies - can start as early as mid-February.

Let's try to take care of ourselves, lead a hygienic lifestyle and take good care of our sleep.

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