Healthy recipe - keto bread from almond flour.

Receta saludable - pan keto de harina de almendras.
The supplementation and a healthy lifestyle with healthy food are the factors that improve our quality of life. Thanks to all the care we apply in our daily life we can be happy and enjoy our health.

   We would like to share this easy to make almond bread recipe. It is a bread with almond flour, that is very low in carbohydrates so it will not cause us the glucose spike.


  • 150 g almond flour
  • 60 g coconut oil
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
   Mix the flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl. Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Beat the egg whites until stiff in a glass bowl. It only takes 3 minutes with a mixer.

   Add the egg yolks and the elbow oil to the bowl with the flour. Mix everything together, for example with a mixer on low speed. Finally, gently fold in the beaten egg whites.

   Pour the batter into an ungreased baking tin. Bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees.

   Once it is cool, you can share it with your loved ones.

Enjoy your meal,

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